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PhD student positions

I am looking for talented students (PhD/MSc) who are interested in doing exciting research in computer vision, geometry and machine learning.

PhD position (March 2024)

The project is about developing 3D mapping methods which are used to enable re-localization and navigation in large-scale environments. In particular, we will focus on sparse reconstruction methods which takes as input a set of images and produces a map consisting of a 3D point cloud. In the scope of the project, we will extend these methods to also integrate higher-level scene primitives into the reconstruction. The target applications are in Structure-from-Motion (SfM), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and visual localization. The position is funded by the Swedish Research Council and is part of the “Beyond 3D points in Sparse Visual Mapping” project.

Note that the subject area for the PhD is mathematics and applicants will need to take math courses during their PhD studies. Please contact me for more details.

Apply here. (Deadline 25 March 2024)

Project teaser image